About Talbot Remodeling

Talbot Remodeling was formed in 1972 when my grandfather Max and my dad Tom decided they would make good business partners. Max would handle all of the sales and Tom would handle all of the construction. They discussed hiring a bookkeeper but really couldn’t afford one so my grandmother came on board. As the business continued to prosper they decided to incorporate in 1977 and hired a full time office manager who is still with us today.

My grandparents are both gone but in 1993 my dad asked me to step in to help manage the business. We have tried to keep our business small and oversee all of our projects, paying attention to every detail. Our mission is to ensure each and every customer receives top quality materials and workmanship.

Who knows, the family tradition may continue if a fourth generation chooses to join the fold.

– Joe Talbot (President)

Talbot Remodeling Employees